Dear Fellow Republicans:

The year 2016 is one of the most important political years of our lifetime.  With the election of Donald Trump as President, we have the opportunity to make needed changes at all levels of Government.  “Hope and change” has become “time for a change.”

We have an active election season this year:  Our Republican candidates will work to restore responsible, efficient government, and whose first commitment will be to the taxpayer.

To ensure the success of our candidates during this critical period, we will need funds, which will be used to sustain party operations and provide Republican candidates with the resources needed to win elections.  We simply cannot succeed without your support!

Please support our candidates by hitting the Donate button on the right or you can simply write a check to the “Albany County Republican Committee” and mail it to: Albany County Republican Committee, PO BOX 16124, Albany, NY 12212.

I cannot thank you enough for your support.


Best Regards,

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Christine Benedict, Chair